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Space Waves

Space Waves is an exciting arcade game with 33 levels.Control the arrow to explore the zigzag tunnel with many traps to reach the finish line safely.

Space Waves is a game inspired by the famous Geometry Dash game but it has many differences that create the highlight and addictiveness of the game. There are outstanding new and improved features. The differences in gameplay mechanics, character selection, and the level of play you want are unique to Space Waves.

Outstanding features of Space Waves

Space Waves is a variety of Skins

  • Skins play a huge role in the addictiveness of the game. An attractive and beautiful Skin with a special combination will help the game attract more players. There are a total of 9 Skins for players to choose from.
  • Players are allowed to choose the first 2 Skins. These 2 Skins are very simple, you can choose the one you want. Subsequent Skins require completing different levels to be allowed to select this Skin.

Freely choose levels to play

  • Space Waves has a total of 33 levels from easy to difficult. Unlike other games, you need to unlock levels one after another, but with Space Waves, you don't need to do that. You can always choose the 33rd level to play. The important thing is whether the ability is enough to play the most difficult level or not.

Diversity of playing environments

  • The game has 33 levels corresponding to 33 different playing environments. At each level, there will be different obstacles and tunnel construction. An opportunity for players to explore the track and know their abilities.

How to play

Players can use the mouse or spacebar to control their arrows. Skillfully overcome narrow tunnels containing many obstacles to reach the finish line.