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Drift 3

Drift 3 is a fierce car racing arena between competitors around the world. Control your car to win against other players and conquer the endless racetrack.

Are you passionate about thrilling games? Or a high-speed car racer on bumpy roads? With attractive features in the new version. Drift 3 deserves to be a game you should not miss.

Opportunity to experiment with special features

  • Drift 3 offers great features. The unique feature that must be mentioned is the opportunity to play with 7 other players. You will compete with rivals. It's like a survival match, to win you must eliminate your opponent. Eliminate opponents by crashing into them so that the cars fall into space. But you also have to defend yourself to avoid being destroyed by other cars.
  • Drift 3 offers endless racing. So the farther you can go, the better. You will be the winner if you are the last survivor.

How to play

Use the left mouse to control your car.

Choose your favorite and suitable car at the beginning of the game. Installation option if you want to see instructions. Finally, join the race with your competitors.