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G-Switch 4

Experience the thrilling feeling of defying gravity with the famous game G-Switch 4. Run and overcome obstacles to Conquer all extremely difficult challenges.

G-Switch 4 gives players the opportunity to compete with opponents around the world and set their own records in races. This is the latest version of the endless running game. Inheriting and promoting outstanding features, G-Switch 4 has created special impressions on players.

Rules for playing G-Switch 4

Players need to clearly understand the rules of the game, thereby planning perfectly to complete the given goal.

Play the role of a switcher with the task of running fast, running far, and overcoming obstacles excellently. With the task of running non-stop, players need to change gravity flexibly. This allows you to run along the ceiling or floor as well as in an arc with alternating gaps.

The goal is to run to conquer the dangerous path and reach the final destination without falling into gaps or colliding with dangerous obstacles. Switch gravity at the right time to avoid disasters.

Tips and tricks for playing G-Switch 4

  • Practice to get used to the controls because the game's speed is extremely fast. Proficient controls will help players switch gravity accurately and jump at the right time.
  • Respond quickly to situations. Observe the obstacle layout at each level and predict the difficulties ahead.
  • Explore different routes for new experiences and new challenges.
  • You should experience Multiplayer mode to have the opportunity to compete with 7 other players. The purpose is to practice and improve skills.

How to play

Left mouse click to play.