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Four In A Row

Four In A Row is a classic and extremely attractive puzzle game. Defeat opponents in all 3 game modes: online play, computer play, and 2-player mode.

Four In A Row provides a quite thrilling and stressful gaming experience because you have to rack your brains to decide your own steps. If you want to defeat your opponent, you must have a strategy. The game trains thinking and enhances concentration extremely well for students.

Goals need to be achieved

Regardless of the playing mode, the player's goal is to defeat the opponent by creating horizontal, vertical, or diagonal lines with dots of the same color before the opponent. Take turns dropping dots into the boxes and marking your territory. You need to devise a strategy and judge all possible situations to prevent your opponents from completing their goals before you.

Options that the player can play

The game provides 4 options for players to freely explore their abilities. They are Three In A Row, Four In A Row, Five In A Row, and Six In A Row. No matter which option you play, creating rows, columns or diagonal lines with dots of the same color is essential.

Four In A Row game modes

The game has 3 separate game modes to help players freely explore.

  • Play Vs Computer mode: This is considered a practice mode, practice and test with your CPU first before entering more difficult modes. This mode is not simple, winning against the CPU is also extremely difficult because the CPU is extremely smart.
  • Online Players mode: In this mode, players can participate in any room they want and challenge opponents from different countries around the world.
  • Two-Player mode: This is a mode that allows you to play with friends on the computer.

How to play

Use the mouse to play.