Adventure with the Neon ball to explore endless tracks in the game Slope 3. Overcome obstacles, admire the 3D graphics, and conquer all the roads.

Slope 3 is a game that focuses on entertainment elements. Therefore, players will not see any competitors appear when they join the race. The competitive element only appears in the rankings. Slope 3 is highly entertaining so it is not outdated and is worth playing every day.

Another plus point for Slope 3 is the investment in images and attractive gameplay that creates excitement for gamers. In particular, the change in speed of the ball when moving to higher levels helps players unpredictably transform every situation.


The player is tasked with controlling a ball rolling through platforms with many obstacles that appear unexpectedly. With situation-handling skills, skillfully overcome everything to conquer the longest distances. Players will take turns exploring the races and cannot predict the secrets at the end of the road.

Ways to achieve goals

React quickly and skillfully to suddenly appearing obstacles. Control the rolling speed of the ball to guide it rolling on the track accurately. By all means do not let it fall out, roll into the sides of the road, or collide with obstacles. If you can do that, it is certain that you will be in the rankings of the best Slope 3 players.

Outstanding features create a distinct Slope 3

  • Rankings: Always update the results of competitors around the world according to Today, 7 Days, 30 Days, and All Time. You can see if you are at the top of the best Slope 3 players in the world.
  • Graphics: Slope 3 is extremely prominent with Neon light effects. It will help players feel like wherever they go, they will shine brightly.
  • Challenges appear and change continuously: This is clearly shown through the sudden and dense appearance of obstacles. The change of the track, sometimes narrow, sometimes inclined.

How to play Slope 3

Use A/D keys or Left/Right arrow keys to control the ball.