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Duck Life

Train the duckling to become a classy athlete in the game Duck Life. Complete training courses to practice swimming, flying, and running skills to win races.

Duck Life will bring players great experiences. Playing the role of a talented coach for the first time. Train the duckling to become an athlete equipped with special skills such as running, flying, swimming, and recharging. Ready to participate in races of international scale.

The benefits that Duck Life brings

  • Practice planning skills and come up with strategies to implement the plan.
  • Improve your problem-solving skills and ability to navigate and handle situations.
  • Face challenges and come up with solutions to overcome difficulties.

Tips and tricks to complete the mission

  • Focus on enhancing green energy. This helps the duck have a good source of energy and move at a very fast and strong speed.
  • Created a truly classy and professional training strategy.
  • Focus on balanced training. This helps the duck have all the skills to participate in any race.
  • Practice daily: Skills will develop over time but need to be practiced regularly.
  • Participate in races from easy to difficult to accumulate coins and energy.

How to play

  • Use the arrow keys to control the duck.
  • Use the mouse to manipulate necessary features.