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Dynamons 7

Dynamons 7 is a monster fighting game with a completely new version. Collect and tame monsters to explore Tall Pines World and the Bonus Cave.

Dynamons 7 is a brand new adventure to explore 2 wild lands with the goal of fighting, collecting, and taming ferocious monsters with special powers. It will be a fiery encounter and a fierce battle to collect Aragonyx, Huango, Crocynos, or Cybeenyx. Gradually, they formed a powerful army and did not yield to any attack from their opponents.

Fierce battles in Dynamons 7

Players will be led and taken to the land of Tall Pines. This is a new location that is quite wild but has many monsters with extraordinary power.

The player chooses Una to be the Dynamons to fight when arriving in Tall Pines territory. Depending on your ability and strategy, you will make choices about the match you want to participate in in this fierce adventure.

  • Flarion (Fire): These monsters have power and destructive attacks. Water monsters can be used to block and attack them.
  • Lampion (Water): This type of monster has excellent defense and very good recovery ability. To control them, you can use Flarion.
  • Fenecorn (Grass): This is a dynamic type that balances the powers with the two types above. For beginners, you should try this battle.

Strategy when playing

  • It is necessary to use the buttons according to the instructions to select appropriate attacks. Attacks will take place one after another, so how quickly or slowly depleting the opponent's health bar also depends on the choice of previous attacks.
  • Catch wild Dynamons when they become weak by taking the floppy disk from your backpack. Let's contain them there. Your army will gradually increase and can use these Dynamons in the next matches.
  • Boost your health when needed with potions in your backpack.

Tips for the best battles

  • Collect Dynamons and strengthen a balanced team in power.
  • To get great rewards and rare Dynamons, you need to actively participate in challenges and events.
  • Come up with a strategy suitable for each type of Dynamons.

How to play

Use the mouse to play and follow the instructions.