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Merge Fruits

Explode emotions and enjoy sublime moments with the Merge Fruits game. Explore the world of fruits and create as many watermelons as possible.

With the explosion of the Suika Game, Merge Fruits was also released to the public by game developers in many different versions. But I am sure that the version of Merge Fruits that I want to introduce to you will be the newest, most realistic, most attractive version with the most effects and features. It is an extremely attractive game that you cannot ignore.

Objective of the game

Players need to merge two fruits of the same type to create a fruit of a different type with a larger size. The fruit that the player needs to create in the end is a watermelon. But the game doesn't stop there, players continue to create more watermelons to score the highest score. Try to be on the list of the best Merge Fruits players in the world.

Tips and rules that players need to follow

  • You need to understand and understand the main theme that the game offers: Explore the world of colorful fruits of all sizes from small to large. Merge them to create many fruits in a certain cycle.
  • Understand the cycle of fruit emergence to make smart fusion choices.
  • Choose the exact location to drop the fruit to create as much space as possible.
  • Depending on the situation, you can drop fruits to let them roll to the position of fruits of the same type.
  • The game has simple mechanics but still requires strategy if you want to play for a long time and score high scores.

Basic features of the game

  • The game has extremely fun sounds. Special appears when merging successfully.
  • Extremely vibrant graphics that correspond to the colors of the fruits.
  • Fruit images are true to reality.
  • The gameplay is simple but creates great effects.

How to play

Using the mouse: Just left-click to drop the fruit into the desired location.