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Planet Clicker

Planet Clicker is a click-only game to generate energy and conquer the planets of the solar system. Produce as much energy as possible to unlock galaxies.

Idle but not boring games always create a strong attraction for players. Because it is truly entertaining and extremely good at relieving stress, it is always the top choice. If we are too familiar with games like Cookie Clicker, and Candy Clicker... then this time we will explore the planets of the Solar System with the familiar planet being Earth, Mars, and finally Venus. We will find and produce abundant energy sources on these planets.

Players are tasked with generating a terrifying source of energy by clicking their mouse. Simple action but it will help you produce energy quickly and the opportunity to explore other planets. Opportunity to buy and upgrade production items to generate huge energy.

Harnessing the Earth's energy resources

The first planet where you can harness that energy is Earth. Generate the most energy to unlock the next planet. Click the mouse continuously and without stopping.

Energy production on Mars

Mars is the fourth planet in the solar system. This is a rocky planet containing many energy sources. When you have enough energy sources earned on Earth, the player will unlock Mars and start producing energy on this planet. There are many upgrades on this planet such as coal power, nuclear power, and alien technologies.

Explore Venus

This is a planet with a mass and size similar to Earth. To unlock Venus requires 1 trillion units of energy. But if you own this planet, the player will gain a large amount of energy from iron, and lava and upgrade many advanced technologies.

How to play

Use the mouse to produce energy.