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Candy Clicker 2

Candy Clicker 2 is a game that produces as much candy as possible with just mouse clicks. Create large amounts of candy to get valuable items.

Candy Clicker 2 has returned in a spectacular way and really does not disappoint players with outstanding and extremely attractive new features. There are many levels to explore to help players own a sweet candy world with sparkling colors. Possessing useful items in candy production so that the amount of candy increases rapidly.

The game controls are extremely simple. Players just need to click on the candy in the middle of the screen to increase the number of candies. When the amount of candy is enough to buy items or upgrade equipment, quickly exchange the candy to get these items. Continue making candy to be able to buy higher-value equipment.

Tips to complete Candy Clicker 2

  • Needs constant upgrading

If you just click to produce candy, it's really boring. Accumulate candy and use it to upgrade items. This both creates freshness and makes candy production faster.

  • Quickly own golden candy

The yellow candy will appear on the screen for a very short time. So hurry up and get this golden candy because it has extremely high value. Your score will increase dramatically.

  • Keep your tabs open

Please use this optimal feature because you will not have to do anything and the candy will still be created. This is an extremely outstanding automatic feature of Candy Clicker 2

How to play

Use the mouse to play.