Capybara Clicker

Enjoy an idle clicker game

Capybara Clicker is a must-try clicker game recently because of its graphics and gameplay. You just need to click on the screen to create capybaras.

You are a busy person but you still want to play games during your busy time. Game genres such as adventure, action, or driving games will not be able to meet your demand. Thus, idle clicker games were released. You can even work and experience these fun games at the same time. Recently, capybaras have become famous on social networks due to their adorable appearance. The idle clicker game I want to introduce has the main characters being capybaras.

Unique effects

The cartoon graphics of this game are quite interesting. In the middle of the screen, you will see a big capybara. When you click on this big capybara, small capybaras will pop out. The game has a navy blue background color that highlights the yellow capybaras. With smiling faces, the capybaras in this game will bring you relaxing moments. To avoid boredom, many interesting skins are also designed in this game. Although the graphics are not complicated, this game deserves to be your first choice in your busy time

New skins and weather

The reason this game is loved by many players is because it allows players to unlock many unique skins and weather. Instead of buying skins in the store, this game will automatically unlock capybara skins when you reach the required number of capybaras. Weather is also opened automatically so you can save time. After unlocking skins and weather, you can choose them to your liking in the main menu. This game has a total of 16 skins with different appearances such as Galactic Capybara, Robinhood Capybara, Wizard Capybara, Black and white Capybara, etc. For the weather, you can choose one of the weather types such as rainy, sunny, star rain, windy, snowing, or normal.

Create as many capybaras in Capybara Clicker

Your goal is to create as many capybaras as possible to conquer this game. This game gives you two ways to create small capybaras. Depending on the free time you have, you can choose the way that suits you.

Click manually

In this game, you can click to create a capybara. However, this method will take a lot of your time so it is not recommended if you are busy. Each time you click, you will create a certain number of capybara. You can choose to upgrade the power of each click which can help you increase the number of capybaras per click. Some upgrades like Cursor, Mr. Clicker, President Clicker, etc are all used for manual clicking. Additionally, you will occasionally see some small capybara moving across the screen. They are random gifts for you. Collect them by clicking on these moving capybaras. When you manually click continuously, the energy bar will be full. You just need to keep this energy bar full, the number of capybara you receive will be doubled. It also doubles the amount of capybara you get from clicking automatically.

Click automatically

Besides manual clicking, you can try auto-clicking when you don't have time to play the game. This way helps players become more idle and they can play games even when they are working. What you need to do to continue this game is to open this game tab. Then the auto click will do its thing. Looking at the numbers on the screen is also extremely interesting. First, you need to buy auto tools in this game such as Capybara Earth, Capybara Power Plant, Capybara Temple, etc. You can buy these tools multiple times to increase the power of auto-clicking.

List of upgrades and tools

Click manually

Click automatically

Why should you play Capybara Clicker?

This game is an interesting game that you cannot miss. It offers idle gameplay for busy people. Many players even just open the game and they can move on to do something else. You can refer your friends to join this game and see who can make the most capybaras. The graphics are simple so it only takes a few seconds to load the game. In addition, the game will also save game data so you can continue your progress the next time you log in. In this game, you just need to click the left mouse button or right mouse button to play this game. This game is unblocked at the school and office, so any players can also access this game. Moreover, this game also runs on a PC, tablet, or smartphone.