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Geometry Dash Lite

Embark on thrilling adventures in new lands searching for gold coins in the Geometry Dash Lite game. Conquer all levels from easy to difficult of the game.

Geometry Dash Lite opens up a colorful geometric world with breathtaking racing tracks. The game provides a full range of levels from easy, medium, difficult, and extremely difficult for players to freely choose from. There are 15 promised lands waiting for players to conquer. Refresh your spirit and get ready for an adrenaline-pumping adventure in this extremely exciting Geometry Dash Lite version.

Learn about the Geometry Dash Lite game

Do you know why Geometry Dash Lite has become so attractive to players? That is, it is full of features that make players really excited.

  • The game combined with rhythm is a great feature that players get when participating in this game. The music syncs with the gameplay creating a perfect soundtrack. The bass sound rises and falls based on each level, satisfying the excitement of gamers.
  • Flexibility with the level editor: Players are free to create, build, and design custom levels according to their preferences.
  • Rewards to encourage morale: Completing each level will reward players with stars. It is these lucky stars that will help players unlock custom items. This is a great motivating reward for players.

The goal that gamers set when playing Geometry Dash Lite is to overcome all obstacles, unlock all levels, be the winner, and reach the end of the road.

How to play

Need to concentrate and observe carefully when playing this game.

Calmness is essential to overcome all difficulties.

  • To jump: Use the spacebar or up arrow key.
  • Jump multiple times: hold the spacebar or up arrow key.
  • Drive up: Use the up arrow key.
  • Drive down: Use the down arrow.