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Crossy Road

Play as a chicken to cross complex traffic terrain in the game Crossy Road. Jump over obstacles, dodge vehicles, collect coins, and unlock new characters.

Crossy Road is a truly entertaining game. It is researched and developed by Hipster Whale. The game is inspired by the classic Frogger so it is not too strange to players but it quickly became a hot trend when it was first released.

Complete important and complex tasks

The player must control the chicken to move according to the instructions. The chicken had to cross the road in complicated traffic conditions, with vehicles moving in a chaotic manner. Be really skillful in moving so that you don't crash into the car or get hit by the car. On the way, you may encounter obstacles such as logs. Jump over it perfectly. You need to collect coins so you can buy items and unlock new extremely interesting characters.

Strategy to win the game

  • Need to move flexibly, and can move forward, backward, left, or right when necessary.
  • It is necessary to observe the movement of vehicles to determine the appropriate and safe time to cross the road.
  • Try to collect coins to unlock new characters because they will have new and interesting appearances.

How to play

Use arrow keys to move.