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Cookie Clicker City

Come to the Cookie Clicker City game to explore, admire, upgrade, and refurbish the beautiful city. Try to create more Cookies to expand your city.

If you are too familiar with creating Cookies in the regular version and lack utilities, then come to Cookie Clicker City to enjoy an upgraded version with unique and different features. So what makes Cookie Clicker City attractive and fascinating? Definitely worth mentioning is the opportunity to explore a large cookie city. Opportunity to expand the cookie city and unlock useful things from the items the game offers. From there, gradually upgrade the items so that they bring the greatest benefits.

Ways to control the game

Cookie Clicker City has extremely simple gameplay. It is easy to control so it reaches a wide range of users and is suitable for all ages. Players just need to left-click on the large Cookie to create small-sized Cookies. The gameplay is simple but does not create boredom because of the variety of ways to create Cookies from useful items such as Cursor, Grandma, farm, mine, and factory. You cannot know in advance what items you can get and how many Cookies you can create from those items if you have not accumulated a sufficient number of Cookies. This creates curiosity for players and motivates players to create more Cookies to unlock items.

Characteristic features

  • Opportunity to explore a large cookie city with many secrets.

The Cookie City is truly different. Those are two islands floating in the air. This place contains secrets and interesting things that need to be discovered.

  • Opportunity to expand Cookie City.

The two islands in Cookie City are a giant cake and a pristine island that needs upgrading and construction. Thanks to the amount of Cookies earned, architectural works will gradually be built on the island.

  • Always upgrade items to reach your goals fastest.

Cookie Clicker City game offers 600 upgrades and 700 achievements for players to complete. Players need to build 18 buildings. One number is not small.

How to play

Left mouse click to play.

  • To upgrade: Click the arrow icon.
  • To buy a building: Click on the house icon.
  • To see achievements: Tap the cup icon.
  • Game setup: Tap the wheel icon.