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Banana Game

Create a huge yield of bananas in the extremely attractive idle game called Banana Game. Work hard to produce bananas and unlock new features.

Are you passionate about idle games with cake and candy themes like Cookie Clicker, Candy Clicker, Pizza Clicker... Or attractive animal themes like Capybara Clicker, Chicken Clicker, George Clicker ...But coming to Banana Game is a completely new topic. It is the topic of fruit with a familiar fruit that is extremely rich in nutritional value: It's banana. Players can create a huge number of bananas with just a click. Games bring entertainment after stressful hours of work and study.

Produce large quantities of bananas with patience and hard work

Players create bananas in a very simple way, just left-click on the banana in the middle of the screen. With unlocked features, players can create hundreds of bananas in just a few seconds.

Generate bananas by manual clicking or automatic clicking

  • Click manually: At the beginning of the game, players are required to click manually. Therefore hard work and patience are important and necessary in this game. Each click generates a banana. You will click continuously to create a certain number of bananas. Then use the bananas you earn to buy useful items. This will help you generate bananas automatically.
  • Auto clickers: Once you have enough bananas, trade them for auto clickers. This helps you create bananas faster and more leisurely. Automatic clicking will be extremely useful when you are busy. Because you just need to open the game and let the automatic tools work, you still complete the goal.

Characteristic features

  • The game trains perseverance, hard work, and calmness.
  • The game is truly relaxing and entertaining.
  • Practice concentration and never give up.
  • The game is suitable for all ages.

How to play

Use the mouse to play.