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Pacman Full Screen

Welcome to the maze of the classic game Pacman Full Screen. Help Pacman become big by eating smaller Pacman and running away from larger Pacman's attacks.

The game Pacman is certainly no longer strange to us because it is associated with everyone's childhood. We see it appear in movies, in newspapers, and as inspiration for many other games. Pacman Full Screen is no exception to that. Inspired by familiar Pacman images, players have the opportunity to participate in the journey of growing up as a Pacman with extremely simple gameplay and transform into a once famous iconic character.

Pacman's journey in the game Pacman Full Screen

Mission: Make Pacman's body grow bigger by controlling a Pacman to move around the playground to eat food, attack smaller Pacman, and run away from larger Pacman. The ultimate goal is to be named in the ranking of Pacman with the largest body mass.

How to play and control Pacman Full Screen

  • The playing mechanism is very simple, just use the mouse and you can help Pacman move flexibly in his maze.
  • Implement a strategy of eating everything that appears on the playing field from the dots to energy pellets except larger Pacmans.
  • Run away if you feel attacked or chased by ghosts.
  • You need to prepare a brave spirit to conquer higher levels because the ghosts will become stronger and more dangerous.

The benefits that players get when playing Pacman Full Screen

  • The game brings fun and entertaining moments with heart-stopping chases and escapes.
  • Train your reaction skills and be flexible in all unexpected situations.
  • Improve coordination between hands and eyes.

How to play

Use the mouse to play.