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Thumb Fighter

Thumb Fighter is a fierce fighting game between 2 thumbs for victory. Eliminate your opponents with your strategy, strength, and finger upgrades.

Thumb Fighter is inspired by a folk game called the two-finger card game. But this version of Thumb Fighter has taken on a new look with many outstanding features and top entertainment. The game is a dramatic battle but creates extremely refreshing laughter with the funny image of two fingers.

Objectives and tasks when playing Thumb Fighter

Objective to complete: Thumb Fighter is a heated competition between two thumbs to find out who is stronger. So the goal is to use your strategy and strength to deplete your opponent, then crush him and force him to give up.

Tasks to perform: Prepare a one-on-one fighting spirit. Deliver fierce and precise attacks to crush your opponents. Wait for your opponent's finger to lower, then quickly press your finger on top. Actions need to be quick and precise so that the opponent does not have time to counterattack.

Competition mode

Thumb Fighter provides 2 game modes for players to freely explore: P1 vs P2 and P1 vs CPU.

  • P1 vs P2 mode: Two players will compete on the same device. You will use the A key for P1 and the L key for P2. A real war will break out in this game mode.
  • P1 vs CPU mode: This game mode is a fierce competition between players and the CPU. In this mode, players need to use the A key for P1. If you want to practice your fighting skills and have fun every day, you can choose to play in this mode.

How to play

P1 vs P2 mode:

  • P1 uses the A key.
  • P2 uses the L key.

P1 vs CPU mode:

  • P1 uses the A key.