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Text Twist

Text Twist is a game of shuffling letters to create meaningful words. Stimulate your brain to work with the goal of creating as many words as possible.

Text Twist is a pretty good brain development game because to complete the task, your brain has to work continuously. In addition, your ability to develop vocabulary is also increasingly enhanced when you are regularly exposed to many meaningful vocabulary.

Information about the game Text Twist

Text Twist is a world of words created by shuffling letters. Usually, 6 letters arranged haphazardly. Players will combine letters together to form meaningful words. Sort as quickly and get as many words as possible. The number of points will depend on the number of words you combine. The time limit is only 2 minutes so everything needs to be quick and precise. Valid words made up of many letters will receive more points.

Tips for playing

  • Need to take time to practice. It will help you consolidate and develop your ability to combine many words.
  • Think creatively and expansively instead of just focusing on known words.
  • You should play with friends or family members to have fun, interact, and learn new vocabulary.

How to control

Use the mouse to select letters. Press the game's Enter key to confirm the selected word.