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Become the ruler of the world with wars of conquest between nations in the thrilling game Territorial.io. Use strategy to attack, expand, and defend territory.

Territorial.io is a game released in 2020. This is a product invested extremely carefully and enthusiastically by David Tschacher.

Territorial.io gives players the opportunity to join different clans. Use emoticons when participating in battles. Explore 15 different maps and play in a variety of modes.

Territorial.io is a competition between opponents around the world so the game modes are extremely rich and diverse. There are 5 modes that people play the most: Battle Royale, 1v1, Full Send Disabled, Zombie, and Team Game Mode. Each mode will have a different mechanism. Let's take turns playing to discover them.

The main mission of Territorial.io

This is a strategy game with the task of building, defending, and expanding territory. You can send a signal to surrender to your opponent if you cannot defend your territory, but the sincere advice is to fight stubbornly, and not give up, even if you lose, lose heroically.

Smart strategies used in Territorial.io

  • It is recommended to build territories in coastal areas.
  • Build good relationships between neighboring countries. This stops their aggression and makes it possible to join forces with them against larger enemies.
  • Search for large and unconquered lands.
  • Develop a strategy to confront an army with fewer soldiers than yours

How to play

Use the mouse to play.