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Minima Speedrun Platformer

Minima Speedrun Platformer is a game of agility and precision in a challenging world. Run, jump, and somersault your way through the game's levels.

Minima Speedrun Platformer is a journey to conquer obstacles in a minimalist world with only black and white graphics. The character is a square that the player navigates to explore all the small rooms containing spikes and chasms. Simple graphics combined with gentle and fun sounds make the game especially attractive. Minimalism creates an absolute focus for players when participating in this game.

Objectives and missions in the game Minima Speedrun Platformer

Minima Speedrun Platformer satisfies gamers' passion for speed. Satisfying exploration and conquering obstacles as well as revealing secrets on the roads ahead. The player assumes the role of a square that performs running, jumping, and wall-bounce movements to overcome obstacles, walls, and platforms. Jump over gaps and chasms and advance to levels where the challenges remain a secret.

Extremely simple graphics with black and white tones help players focus absolutely on overcoming challenges.

Tips to conquer the game

  • Concentrate and calmly direct the character to move correctly.
  • Combine running and jumping appropriately.
  • There are 30 small rooms with obstacles, so conquer them one by one with quick reactions.
  • Master the control rules for the best gaming experience.

How to play

Use the arrow keys to navigate the character.