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Hollow Floor

Hollow Floor is a classic and extremely thrilling exploration adventure game. Recharge your energy and start discovering the secrets of the mazes.

Hollow Floor is a game that challenges courage and trains patience. The world of Hollow Floor is extremely mysterious with mazes filled with gold and obstacles. There are many different paths in the maze. The player's choice of direction will open up new mazes. Many extremely surprising things are ahead waiting for players to discover.

Information about Hollow Floor

Development history

Hollow Floor is a product of Amidos 2006. The game was born to satisfy gamers' love of adventure and discovering new things. With background music inspired by PeterGMusic combined with extremely thrilling gameplay, it will lead players to enjoy extremely enjoyable gaming moments.

Objectives need to be completed

Players will take turns moving through more than 100 different secret rooms. Overcome spikes and collect coins. Press the switch to unlock the rooms. Try to live as long as possible to discover all the hidden secrets.

How to play

The gameplay mechanics are very simple but mastering and becoming a good player with professional moves is quite difficult. It takes time to practice. Because the game has no time limit, hard practice is necessary to conquer this game.

  • To move: Players just need to use the left or right arrow key.
  • To climb higher: Use the up arrow key.
  • To play again: Press the X key.