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Hills Of Steel

Hills Of Steel is a very fierce fighting game. Master the steering wheel to control your tank to destroy your enemies with massive and terrifying attacks.

Hills of Steel is a thrilling action game. Taking players to a fierce battlefield where life and death become fragile. If you want to survive, you must destroy your opponents with destructive attacks. Especially with a battle tank with a powerful engine and equipped with advanced weapons. Players will experience the battles of a lifetime. Become a brave soldier standing in the army ranks.

Challenge the game levels

Hills Of Steel provides a variety of levels for players to gradually unlock. Passing easy levels is an opportunity to conquer difficult levels. And unlock tanks with modern features that have powerful destructive power. In addition, there is the opportunity to upgrade items such as super boosters, explosives, and bombs.

Necessary items when playing Hills Of Steel

To overcome battles with strong damage, players need to equip themselves with the necessary items.

At the beginning of the levels, options such as Ricochet, More Health, and Fast Reload will appear. Players will choose what they want. These features will partly determine the outcome of the battle. That's why you should choose the right features.

  • Repair Kit: To restore lost health as quickly as possible, players should use Repair Kit.
  • Circular Saw: If you want to damage opponents at close range, you should use this feature.
  • Force Shield: Use when you want to block damaging attacks.

How to control

  • Use the mouse to select items.
  • Use the left/right arrow keys to move.