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Find Me

Find Me is a fascinating game with the task of finding a character with unusual characteristics in a crowd. Complete the goal within the time allowed.

Find Me is a puzzle game with simple gameplay mechanics that help improve observation skills. A strange wanderer was disguised in an outfit similar to that of a crowd running haphazardly on the street. Characters move and hide very quickly. Players with subtle observation skills, quick hands, and quick eyes can find this sophisticated character.

Find Me trains quick reaction skills

The challenge that the game provides is not simple. Within a certain amount of time, the player needs to find the hiding character. It's really difficult because their appearance is really similar. In addition, they move continuously and implement evasive tactics. Players need to be really quick to find the characters and quickly catch them. Gradually go through many levels of increasingly improved reaction skills.

Enjoy Super Simple Graphics

Find Me has an extremely simple graphic. Just with scribbles and black and white tones. We will live in the simplest space but not boring at all. A simple picture but contains fascinating things that attract people to explore.

Player's mission

To start the game, press the "find" button. Then quickly find the character with different characteristics. It could be a guy with upturned eyebrows, sometimes wearing a mask, it could also be different with a tuft of hair or glasses. After finding a different character, quickly click on that character. Clicking the mouse is not simple because the character will run and hide. Therefore, you need to be quick to complete the task.

How to play

Use the mouse.