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Bubble Shooter HD 3

Bubble Shooter HD 3 is the latest version of the legendary bubble shooting game. Play to experience new features and set new records with impressive scores.

The bubble shooting game has an extremely impressive history. Appearing for a long time but it has never cooled down. Players are immersed in the world of colorful bubbles with extreme joy when breaking these bubbles. There are many upgraded versions with new features that have been announced to the public. One of those versions is Bubble Shooter HD 3. Excellent from graphics to gameplay. Worthy for players to entertain every day.

Development history

Bubble Shooter HD 3 is a product researched, invested, and developed by SOFTGAMES - Mobile Entertainment Services GmbH. Released on April 15, 2024.

This is a quality product that is enthusiastically received by players.

The goal that gamers aim for when playing Bubble Shooter HD 3

Players set the goal of breaking their own limits by creating an excellent record in the rankings. Shoot the most bubbles to get the highest score. Creates brilliant bubble explosions like fireworks.

New features

Bubble Shooter HD 3 offers players extremely exciting new features.

BOMB is a feature that needs to be mentioned because it has extremely destructive power. It can blow up 15 bubbles at once if activated.

How to play

The playing mechanism is very simple. Just use the mouse to shoot bubbles.