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Angry Warlord

Climb on the back of the mighty rhino for a thrilling adventure with the Angry Warlord game. Collect power-ups to best overcome challenges and obstacles.

Angry Warlord opens an extremely exciting adventure with the mighty rhino. This is an energetic and extremely entertaining platform game. The game brings thrill, drama, and the desire to win. Run and jump at fast speeds combined with skillful skills in dodging and defeating obstacles. Angry Warlord claims to be a fast-paced, thrilling game for gamers to explore.

Exciting adventure on the back of a rhinoceros

  • Starting the game is an extremely proud and majestic image. A warrior sits on the back of a rhinoceros wearing armor and holding a sword. The character will control the rhinoceros to run forward to trample and defeat the opponent's soldiers. Collect power-ups and overcome obstacles that appear continuously on the track. The ultimate goal is to conquer the longest distance possible and collect as many Helmets as possible.
  • Power-up items have terrible destructive power, they can blow away soldiers in the fastest and easiest way. Movement speed is as fast as the wind. This helps players go longer distances.
  • Jump over piles of sharp rocks and step on the heads of large enemy generals. Jump across the platforms correctly to ensure your safety.
  • Try to conquer all levels because the higher the level, the player will be equipped with magical speed, as fast and strong as lightning.

How to play

The controls are extremely simple. Players just need to left-click to participate in the race.